Grandfather Teachings: Good For Us All


During a recent Indigenous Peoples Panel hosted by Suzanne F Stevens of the YouMeWe Social Impact Group, I first heard of the sacred Grandfather Teachings. 

As one of the panelists briefly described them, I was struck by the common humanity implicit in all of them. These are teachings for us all. These are values that we could all follow to create a better, more inclusive world.

I encourage you to do your own research, there is a lot more to read on each teaching, but below is a bit of what I learned during this panel experience.

LOVE: Knowing love is to know peace

Our love must be unconditional. This can form between friends and family. Love is an attachment based upon devotion, admiration, tenderness, and kindness for all things around you.

RESPECT: A way to honor creation is by showing respect

We demonstrate respect by realizing the value of all people and things, and by showing courteous consideration and appreciation. We must give respect if we wish to be respected.

BRAVERY: Facing a problem with integrity is a true demonstration of bravery

We do what is right even when the consequences may be unpleasant. We face life with the courage to use our personal strengths to face difficulties, stand tall through adversity, and make positive choices. 

TRUTH: Truth is having the knowledge of our cultural teachings

We know who we are in our heart. By knowing that, we also know the truth. Our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual gifts will guide each one of us in our journey.

HONESTY: Facing a situation is to be brave, but having the courage to not only do the right thing, but also saying it, is honesty

When we walk through life with integrity, it is then that we know honesty. Be truthful and trustworthy. We must also remember to accept and act on truths through straightforward and appropriate communication.

HUMILITY: Humility is to know that we are a part of creation

We must always consider ourselves equal to one another. We should never think of ourselves as being better or worse than anyone else. Humility comes in many forms. This includes compassion, calmness, meekness, gentleness, and patience.

WISDOM: The mixture of these teachings, combined with the experiences of life, is what we refer to as wisdom

It is given to us by the Creator to be used for good. Wisdom carries other meanings, which also include intelligence or knowledge. When we cherish our knowledge or intelligence, we are also cherishing our wisdom. We must use sound judgement along with the ability to separate inner qualities and relationships. We must use a good sense and course of action to form a positive attitude.

Deri Latimer is an expert in positive possibilities for people! A TEDx Speaker, Author, and Organizational consultant, Deri works with organizations who want to create happy and healthy workplaces for increased positivity, productivity and prosperity!