The Two Most Important Questions in Life

Pens_NotePaperThe two most important questions in life are:

Who Are You and What Do You Want?

Both are positive questions and both move you TOWARD creating the life you desire.

?Who Are You?? helps you to instantly focus on your highest values, on those things that are most important to you, on your legacy even.?What Do You Want?? helps you to focus on the things that you want to attract, to manifest, in your life.

Here is a quick process that you can follow to begin to answer these questions:

1)????? Write your eulogy. Yes, you read that correctly. Take a few minutes and write out what you?d like the important people in your life to say about you when you leave this world. How did you impact them? What do they remember most about you? What key words would you like them to use as they describe you? If that is too morbid, think about what you?d like people to say about you at your retirement party. Or, think about what you?d like people to be saying about you right now. What would you like them to be saying about you when you are not there? You might want them to describe you as caring, positive, thoughtful, warm, courageous, adventurous, smart, creative, playful, inspiring; you might want them to describe you as a leader, a teacher, a role model.

2)????? Create a vision board. ?Think about ? and note? what you would like to attract into your life. It might be more patience with your children, more presence at work, more focus in meetings, more calm in interpersonal exchanges, better health and a greater state of fitness, more energy, more happiness overall. Cut out pictures and/or words that reflect what you?d like to attract into your life. Arrange them on a poster board or sheet of paper.

3) ? ? ?Move.?Decide what you will DO, in order for people to describe you in the ways in which you want to be described (1) above), and in order for you to be able to attract the kinds of things you want to attract into your life (2) above). You might decide that you will begin thinking differently about yourself and the impact you have on others (you might clean up some limiting beliefs you have about yourself, and embed some new positive beliefs); you might decide that you will meditate each day to calm yourself and focus on what is important to you; you might decide that you will start a gratitude journal and record three things each day for which you are grateful (this is the #1 happiness strategy, by the way); you might decide to smile more, to engage in conversations with others more, to take the lead to reach out to people in your life with whom you have experienced conflict.

4) ? ? ? Focus. Keep your words from 1) and your vision board from 2) nearby. Look at them each day. Ask yourself questions like ?After that conversation that I just had with my mother, would she describe me in the way that I want to be described?? ?As I head out the door today, what one thing can I do to be more patient with my staff?? ?Before I walk into my home at the end of the work day, what can I think that will help me have more connection with my family??

Life is complex and busy. These simple questions help you to keep anchored in creating your best life ? every day.

So, Who Are You and What Do You Want?

Deri Latimer is an expert in positive possibilities for people! She is one of fewer than 10% of speakers globally who hold the designation of CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), the international measure of excellence for professional competence, proven experience, and optimal client satisfaction. Deri combines a business degree in human resources management with 20 years of experience engaging audiences across every business sector. Deri provides inspiration and information to create psychologically healthy organizations for increased positivity, productivity, and profitability!

3 Replies to “The Two Most Important Questions in Life”

  1. Hi Deri, I love all your suggestions. I try to keep positive thoughts and hopefully offer positive vibs to others. Looking forward to trying some of these and reading more!

    Take Care,


  2. Hi Deri,

    Not sure if you remember me, but I worked for NAncy and even worked for you a couple days as well – this must be going on five years ago.

    I was so inspired, at the time by your story and your success in over coming difficult circumstance and hard relationships – ultimately your perseverance to succeed and live in hope. I feel that there are many parallels in my life to yours but I have not succeeded (to date) to becoming the lioness that you are. This is my goal – to live in creativity and purpose as I believe I was created to be and how life has craved my character to succeed.

    That was a much more wordy hello then I intended! I was inspired by your blog and look forward to more.

    Hope you are well


    1. How wonderful to hear from you, Patricia! Thank you for leaving your comment here – it is very much appreciated!
      Warm Regards, Deri

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