Spirit Week?Every Week!

I read an article this week?from one of my internet Google Alerts.? It was one of those articles that struck me ? instantly.? It was by Kim Smith and it was titled Sometimes we could all use a little spirit week.? Kim shared her findings from asking her daughter about?her favourite part of spirit week.? You know what that is if you have children.? If you don?t have children, spriit week is a time (a week, actually) when schools engage in activities to infuse energy into the classroon?with friendly competition between classrooms and amongst the student-body as a whole.? Even my son, in middle school, has been heavily involved in collecting pennies ?so we can be the best classroom in the school!?

Kim?s?daughter replied that the best part of spirit week was that all of the social rules disappeared and everyone was equal and everyone was focused on having fun.? ?It doesn?t matter if I am in the band or I am a jock?, she said.? ?Nobody cares about my clothes or anything.?? Kim?s daughter related that spirit week was about the team?doing what was best for the whole, and not worrying about individual, petty, differences.

I thought about that?and how true that was relative to my own children?s experience of spirit week.? Everyone is smiling, everyone is engaged, and everyone works together!? No one is left out and no ?normal? classes (the ?populars?, the ?nerds?, the ?jocks?, etc.) exist.? We are just here, together, working together to achieve a common goal.? Not a bad formula for success in any organization, I think!!

While thinking about writing this post, my daughter came home from school (her first year in a new high school) and said??Mom, I am so proud of myself!? I said ?hi? to some people I don?t know really well?? and they said ?hi? back.? It was?cool!?

So ? next week, after you return from a weekend of thanksgiving celebrations with family, think about what you can do to make every week ?spirit week? at your workplace.? Really?it doesn?t take much!? A smile, a ?great to see you?, an engaged look in the eye?that?s it!

Let me know how it goes?and I?ll do the same!

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