Smile; and the World Smiles WITH You!

I have always been fascinated at this time of year.? People are generally pretty happy as the holiday season approaches; although we are busy, we tent to more often smile at each other and wish each other a ?Merry? this or a ?Happy? that.? Have you noticed that when someone smiles at you, the urge to smile back is irresistable?? Really, it?IS irresistable!

I recently read about the latest discovery in Neuroscience; the presence of mirror neurons.? Mirror neurons are exactly what makes a smile from someone irresistable; when you see a smile, your mirror neurons engage and you smile back.? Of course, the same is also true.? Seeing a frown, inspires a frown back.

There is something else that is interesting about this discovery of mirror neurons, and about what we have discovered lately about social intelligence (and how we catch each other?s emotions, just like we catch colds from each other).? When you see someone else smile, and you smile back; the muscles you use in your face to smile signal to your brain that you feel good?and you start to feel good.

Try an experiment.? Head out to do your usual chores.? Then, smile?regularly.? What do you notice?? I?ll bet you notice MANY smiles back at you!? You will definitely feel better; and guess what, you will have a role in others feeling better too!? No better gift, I think, at this time of year!!

Happy New Year!!

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