Shot in the Dark

There?s nothing like a great glass of red wine. Recently I tried a new Austalian Shiraz (my favourite) called ?A Shot in the Dark?. Here is what was written on the bottle:

Life has its ups and downs. It can be both brutal and beautiful. You can hole yourself away to avoid life?s pain, but then the beauty seldom finds it?s way in. It?s only when you attempt to go where you cannot go, or do what you cannot do, that you can achieve what you are truly capable of doing. Sure, you might tumble, you might fall. So what? Take a chance. Go way out on the limb. Dare to try ? even if it?s just a shot in the dark.

This resonated with me because it has played out regularly in my life. When I take a risk, I achieve greater rewards (joy, fulfillment ? and accomplishment). A shot in the dark is more exciting than a sure thing. There is power in the element of surprise and in venturing into the unknown. The emotions connected to a shot in the dark are exhilarating and awaken me to noticing what I might not otherwise notice -within me and around me.

Although I am a huge risk-taker in my work, I am the exact opposite when it comes to amusement parks and the rides therein. On a family trip to Disney World, I decided to take a ?shot in the dark?. I did not want to miss out on actually ?living this? experience with my children. I was not sure what would happen. I had to prepare myself for the potential embarassment of losing control of all my bodily functions, or worse! I did not want to do it! I was SCARED! It seemed so easy to just watch from the sidelines, as I had many times before when we attended the Red River Exhibition here in Winnipeg.

Afraid and unsure, I went for it! At the end of my first ride, I felt exhilarated and re-born. I could hardly contain myself. I was both proud and amazed at myself for having done it!

Of course, I am not suggesting that a blind shot in the dark is always a good idea?I am, however, encouraging you to consider that calculated, intelligent risk taking is one way to open yourself up to brand new experiences. Take a shot!

So, when have you taken a shot in the dark?

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