See With New Eyes

My daughter is graduating from high school this week.? My son is saying farewell to middle school and is off to high school.? It’s a ‘moment’ for a mom.

It’s one of?those moments when you could think ‘Man, I am old!’ or when you could think ‘Wow, I rock -look at these fantastic human beings I helped to create!!’? I choose the latter as my general orientation?- but I?must say that I spent a little time on the former.?

At my gym, there is a lovely lady (in her 70’s I think) who regularly works out with a group of us at?6:00 am.??I’ve always admired her stamina, strength and energy in being there so early (she, after all, does not have to come early so she can rush off to work, as most of us do).?

Recently, her husband died suddenly.? We missed her for a few days, some?of us?attended the funeral, and sure enough, she was back to the gym in no time.? She?is not absorbed in self-pity, but is instead grateful for the wonderful life she had with Tom and for the great family support (and friendships) she has around her.

Ann reminds me to see aging with new eyes.? And, to see ‘moments’ in life (and she just experienced a significant one) as just that – a moment,??a time to pause, reflect – AND to choose to see with new eyes.

We can look at the world any way we like!?

Check out this cool video – even though it’s an advertisement, it is an awesome demonstration of the power of noticing…noticing what’s good in the world, noticing what’s right with your relationships, noticing how happy, engaged, motivated, inspired and joyful your staff, managers, family members, friends and strangers are…decide to look for something, and alas, it is there!?

I love this quote: “The real act of discovery consists not?of finding new lands but seeing with new eyes.”? Proust

I wonder what would happen if we all chose to see with new eyes?? I think we could change the world!

Deri Latimer, B Mgt, CSP, is an expert in positive possibilities for people! She is one of fewer than 10% of speakers globally who hold the designation of Certified Speaking Professional. Deri combines a Business degree in Human Resources with experience from business sectors including health care, manufacturing, education, agriculture, government, mining, transportation, tourism, and professional services. Deri provides practical strategies for mental health ‘at work’; impacting individuals and organizations?to increase resilience to change, energize engagement with the organization, and propel meaningful performance results that last!??



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