Wake Up to Your Habits! Cards & Wake Up to Your Habits! Book


The best of both! Wake Up to Your Habits! Cards & Wake Up to Your Habits! Book.


Wake Up to Your Habits! Book

We all have habits; how we move, the way we think, how we associate feelings. These habits ? negative and positive ? determine our experience from moment to moment. In our busy lives, we can be mindless of our thinking, feeling, and behaving patterns, and the stories we tell ourselves that can keep us stuck in familiar yet detrimental ruts.

This book is a rich resource of strategies and tools to energize and inspire you to move out of your habit ruts and into new, healthier habit grooves.

Wake Up to Your Habits! Cards

A deck of 52 cards; ringed format for ease of use; 26 negative emotion cards and 25 positive emotion cards, plus instruction manual; emotions and thinking questions on one side; body exercise on the other side. These cards help you to wake up to your habits ? to change old habits that are holding you back and to create new habits that might work better for you. Each card helps you to either move out of negative emotional states when you are experiencing them (and they are getting in your way), and to move into positive emotional states when you need them.