Nurture the First Follower

What is a leader?s role? To inspire, ignite, engage?and to start a movement!! The ?movement? is whatever the organization wants to mobilize it?s human resources around?be it related to culture, team building, change, quality, or customer service. I watched this video on Ted recently and found it very thought-provoking. And, fun!!

Are you nurturing the first follower? That role could hold the key to your success! It might be precisely that role ? that resource ? that first follower ? who champions your cause to the rest of the organization. It is, after all, the first follower who encourages everyone else to join in. 

What is your current movement? Who?s your first follower? Are you nurturing that role?

Deri Latimer, CSP, is an expert in possibilities for people! She combines a business degree with 19 years of experience from various industries and business sectors including health care, manufacturing, education, government, transportation, tourism and professional services. Deri impacts individual and organizational performance by applying the latest research and practice in positive psychology, appreciative inquiry, emotional intelligence, and employee engagement.

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