Keynote Conference Speaking

Fully Engaged delivering 'Power of Positive' Keynote
Fully Engaged delivering ‘Power of Positive’ Keynote

We promise Keynote Conference Experiences that will thrill your audience, and make you very happy that you chose us.

Keynotes are customized for your conference theme, your audience, and your outcomes.


Sample topics include:

  • The Psychologically Healthy Organization: Helping leaders, teams and individuals to work together to create purposeful, productive and profitable workplaces.
  • Creating Positive Work Culture: Connecting positive psychology with positive performance habits to create and sustain successful organizational culture.
  • Building Personal ‘Resilience’: Practising tools for maximizing resilience to change.
  • Developing Positive Mental Health ‘at Work’: Understanding the foundations for positive mental health as an everyday practice.
  • The NeuroScience of Leadership: Lessons from Neuroscience in creating the mindful leader of today.
  • Refresh and Recharge: Building energy for increased enlightenment and personal engagement.
  • Mindful Leadership: Helping leaders to change their minds, and their results.
  • Move Out of the Rut, and Into a New Groove: Turning unproductive habits into new pathways to success.
  • The Power of Appreciation: Building momentum for success by applying simple practices of appreciation.
  • EQ – A Different Way of Being Smart: How the rules of success have changed, and why you want to develop your ’emotional smarts’.
  • The Three O’s of Optimism: The secret ingredient for increasing creativity, expanding awareness, and extending life!