How Positive Psychology can Work at Work

Check out Martin Seligman talking about Positive Psychology on I had the privilege to see Dr. Seligman speak at an Appreciative Inquiry conference last year and I was impressed with his ability to simplify what could otherwise be a complicated subject.? I believe we have enormous opportunities to integrate the results of his research into today?s workplace; impacting productivity as well as global happiness!

We commonly speak in workplaces about the challenges of increasing employee engagement.? What we are missing often are the two keys Dr. Seligman cited ? being able to use our strengths more at work (and ? most importantly ? being able to adapt the way we do our work to capitalize on?our strengths), and being connected to a meaning higher than ourselves.

With the first, we can be more creative at designing jobs for people instead of making people fit jobs as we have designed them (refit jobs to people, not people to jobs).? With the second, we can talk more about purpose at work every day; ask ?why? regularly (Why are you in your organization?? What purpose do you serve?).

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