Happiness, Productivity and The Law of Attraction

I believe that most of us understand that, generally, happier employees are more productive; they achieve better results for themselves and for the organization.? There is a lot of research to support the importance of positive emotions at work.? Much of my work is with leaders in organizations, who certainly understand this connection; and who are curious about what they can do to facilitate, encourage, and nurture happiness at work.

The first piece of advice I have for these leaders relates to a fundamental belief I have about effective leadership: you must model the way!? If the leader is not experiencing happiness and positive emotion at work, it is highly unlikely that the team members will either.? It is not enough to say the right words at a meeting, hoping to inspire the team to be pumped up and excited about their work.? If the words are not connected to true positive emotion in the leader, they fall flat.? And?if the leader is not ?feeling? what they are saying, they are less able to attract that feeling?in others.? Have you noticed how much more believable, inspiring, and attractive someone is who is truly congruent with the message they are delivering?? As I work with leaders across a variety of organizations weekly, I continue to confirm that every leader indeed WANTS a happy team?and also WANTS that same experience for themselves.

So, what can you do to begin to create it for yourself and your team?? Try the three principles of the Law of Attraction as outlined by Michael Losier in his book of the same title.? 1) Identify your desires.? You might, for example, identify what it is that you want to see in your team.? ?I want a happy, productive?team; who?are?smiling, laughing, sharing information, and connecting to explore opportunities and solve problems.?? 2) Give your desires attention.? Once you have identified your desires?see them, hear them, feel them.? What are the cues in your environment that provide the evidence you seek?? How will you know your desire is manifested?? How will you know it when you see (hear, feel) it?? 3) Allow your desires.? When you focus on what it is that you want to see, hear and feel; that is exactly what you will notice and experience.? Your attention is diverted from what is contrary to what you desire, to magnifying those moments when what you desire is before you.? Your focus will help to grow, or magnify the experience; you?ll then experience?more of it yourself,?you?ll then put more of it out into the workplace (model it), then you?ll get more of it, and so on, and so on.? See it, be it, free it!

Try this out; and comment back with a story to share.

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