Deri’s clients are wonderful! Here are some the great things they are saying about the impact she has had on them:

We engaged Deri to be our guest speaker at our first Inspire Network Conference and she hit it out of the park! Not only was she engaging and insightful she was able to connect with everyone at the conference in a meaningful and inspirational way!
Gayle Corah VP of Information Technology and Executive Sponsor for the Inspire Network, Overwaitea Food Group

“You changed people.”
Michelle Kletke, Human Resources Manager, TNG, Jim Pattison Group

“Your TEDx talk called “Choose Life” was one of the most important talks I have heard all year.”
Matt Wiebe, CGA, Director, Financial Service Branch, Government of Manitoba

“I cannot exaggerate how positively our Forum delegates reacted to your presentation. You set the perfect tone for the entire conference and left a lasting impression on our delegates and CPA staff alike.” 
Sarah Marshall, President, Canadian Physiotherapy Association

“That was fantastic! That was the most energized I have ever felt leaving a conference!!”
Barb Spurway, Principal Consultant, Protegra

“What I learned in this course will definitely improve my mental health. Thank you.’
Brittany, Student in ‘Positive Mental Health At Work’, University of Winnipeg Management Program

“Deri, you are the best! Not a dull moment and the time went too fast!”
Linda Borbridge, Manager, Aboriginal Peoples Television Network
Check out this email from a satisfied client

“Thank you so much for the awesome day. I took a lot out of it and have noticed how my attitude has changed toward a lot of things – at work and at home! It was truly inspiring for me. It came at exactly the right time in my life!”
“You were such an engaging instructor – I can see why the university holds their relationship with you in such high regard. I really had a lot of fun. Honestly, I wanted to put you in my pocket and take you everywhere!”
Lindsay Kjartanson, University of Winnipeg Management Studies Program

“It didn’t feel like we were learning…you made it fun!”
Pearl Angelini, National Leasing Inc.

“Your energy is contagious, which kept all of us engaged. I’m sure you could even make quantum physics exciting!”
Chris Palmer, Assistant Manager of Quality Assurance, Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

“Your humor, examples, engaging visuals, and ENERGY kept me listening to everything and leaves me walking out of the room POSITIVE and HAPPY! Thanks!!”
Denise Grinder, Manager, Training & Development, Volunteer Manitoba

“I forgot to take notes because I was taking it all in and feeling change take hold…”
Derek Rumboldt-Delouche, Director, Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada

“Well Done! Your energy was infectious!”
Norma Kirkby, Alzheimer Society of Manitoba

“Thank you again for the most inspiring workshop; it was terrific and the participants all went away feeling re-charged and invigorated.”
Sandra Moore, Film Training Manitoba

“Loved it! It was awesome!”
Marty McLean, Aboriginal Peoples Television Network

“Deri has an exceptional ability to awaken us! She is a very good role model for us all!”
Dawn Affleck, Nurse Educator, Brandon Regional Health Authority

“You are so very inspirational and self-motivating! Thank you!”
Jan Remple, Prairie South School Division

“Deri, your energy is infectious and inspiring! I have attended lots of in-services over 20 years you are the best ever! No kidding!!”
Denise Woodland, Program Educator, Brandon Regional Health Authority

“Deri you are great! Your style, your delivery, your energy!!!”
Cindy Buizer, Manager of Education Services, Brandon Regional Health Authority

“Words cannot express the experience of this workshop…a fabulous presenter and individual!!”
Rita Melon, Coordinator, Concordia Hospital

“Deri is an excellent facilitator who is professional, dynamic and very informative. Our staff felt very comfortable with her, and were impressed with her skills…we also noticed immediate changes in the customer service our staff provides.”
Barb Wasilewski, Director of Nursing, Youville Centre

“This presentation had a big impact on me! I will use it right away!!”
Stephen Verhoeven, Client Services Manager, R.H.A. Central Manitoba Inc.

“It was great! I really needed this session!”
Louise L’iterault, Chef de Service, CHU Sainte-Justine

“Throughly enjoyed the session and builds nicely on some work I am currently doing. Very affirming! Your positive approach makes it exceptional!”
Colleen Watts, Health Sciences Centre

This was brain-energizing! It is a great way to learn how to change old habits – that really do seem to die hard.
Edith Newstead, Prairie South School Division

“Great speaker – animated and believable!”
Gena Lynch, Brandon Regional Health Authority

“Deri was a very positive influence/role model; someone I strive to be like.”
Candice Stokman, National Leasing Inc.

“Learned that we as individuals are in full control of our behaviour – starting at our thought process, believing what we think that’s positive, taking the positive out of everything, making the choice to be what we want to be, it’s a decision”
Patrick P, National Leasing Inc.

“Awesome! So much fun and amazing opportunity to open up with team mates.”
Natalie Batkis, Aboriginal Peoples Television Network

“Deri has great energy and makes me want to listen”
Donna Peters, National Leasing Inc.

“Thank you so much …there was much ‘buzz’ created and tremendous feedback for both you and your topic!”
Lorraine Wilks, Professional Development Committee, MAVA (Manitoba Association of Volunteer Administrators

“Deri was great – she made me realize a few things that I didn’t see before – to be able to see some things in a different light.”
Louise Sayce, National Leasing Inc.

“It was great because Deri is such a great speaker!”
Chantal Desrosiers, National Leasing Inc.

“Awesome!! Just what I needed!”
Paulette Orth, National Leasing, Inc.

“Very good session – great instructor. I liked how the group changed – participation in the exercises was great – engaging!”
Ramona Mutter, National Leasing Inc.

“Very passionate and positive attitude which was great to feed off of …related to what was said and see how I can apply it to my work and personal situations.”
Tricialynn Zacharias, Zoo Society

“Several AHA! Moments for me! Enthusiasm was wonderful and quite infectious – easy to follow.
Barbara Thuen, Manitoba Association of Volunteer Administrators

“Fantastic speaker – best motivational speaker I’ve listened to – she has a wonderful up-beat attitude!”
Murray Gray, T.A.II, Design Department, Manitoba Hydro

“Excellent! I always take away a lot from your sessions, and the energy is infectious!
Stacey Grocholski, Executive Director, Ronald McDonald House

“Always positive! Very excellent presenter – the third time I have seen her and always come away with great stuff!”
Anne-Marie Dyck, Manitoba Association of Volunteer Administrators

“Your humor, examples, engaging visuals, and ENERGY kept me listening to everything and leaves me walking out of the room POSITIVE and HAPPY! Thanks!!”
Denise Grinder, Manager, Training & Development, Volunteer Manitoba

“Deri is the best instructor I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Her energy and enthusiasm are incredible, and she is also extremely organized. Way to go, Deri! You are awesome!”
University of Winnipeg, Management Studies Student

“Deri is fun, energetic, consistent , professional and genuine. I know when I hire her, there will be no problems, and there will be a whole lot of satisfied students at the end of the day!”
Kim Loeb, Program Director, Professional Studies, University of Winnipeg

“Lots of zest!”
University of Winnipeg Human Resource Management Student

“You are a fantastic keynote speaker…I so enjoyed meeting you and experiencing your down to earth, fun, practical approach. You radiate enthusiasm, fun, caring, and confidence that is so inspiring – and you look fantastic – all that in one package!”
Cheryl Pearson, Director, Healthy Living, Central Regional Health Authority

“You had all the attention from the audience! Excellent spirit and enthusiasm!”
Manjula Mathew,? The REAL Deal?, Manitoba Hydro

“Deri delivers excellent, well-organized presentations with energy, enthusiasm and humor! Her adaptability, combined with a warm and genuine style, keeps the audience engaged and motivated.”
Donna Drever, Manitoba Deputy Ombudsman

“Deri was incredibly energetic, uplifting and captivated my attention from beginning to end of the session. I left the session feeling empowered.”
Manitoba Prosecution Service

“You’re funny, entertaining, engaging; you’re awesome!”
Roxanne Balcaen, Administrative Officer, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)

“Deri exceeded my expectations. She demonstrated insight, was entertaining and energetic. I highly recommend her to anyone.”
Lonnie DeBin, Technologist, Manitoba Hydro

A captivating speaker! Funny and ‘hit home’ many times; thoroughly enjoyable!
Manitoba Prosecution Service

“Your workshop on Team Dynamics was truly worthwhile and rewarding, as well as interactive and fun. You managed to successfully bring substance and meaning to a process for understanding the dynamics of personality and behavior in the workplace. I believe the workshop, in helping staff to better understand our differences and how to make the most of them, was extremely useful in terms of team building and effective communication. Your delivery is superb!”
Barry Tuckett, Manitoba Ombudsman

“Fantastic speaker – best motivational speaker I’ve listened to & she has a wonderful up-beat attitude!”
Murray Gray, T.A.II, Design Department, Manitoba Hydro

“The information presented was exactly what I was hoping for! Deri’s delivery was outstanding!”
Frank Nolan, Communications and Promotions Officer, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)

“Deri brought so much to the class. I was truly inspired and motivated by her. Thanks for giving me the boost!”
Yvette Price, CTIV/Clerical Supervisor, Manitoba Public Insurance

Awesome!? Took away lots…
Guy Levesque, Manager of NSERC-Prairies, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)

“Deri was an excellent facilitator who applied all of the concepts she spoke of in the material – great to learn from. A full day of training went fast and stayed interesting !!! Nice touches of humor!”
Lorraine Andree, Human Resources Consultant, Transportation & Government Services

“You had all the attention from the audience!? Excellent spirit and enthusiasm!”
Manjula Mather, Sr. Design Engineer, Manitoba Hydro

“Excellent Instructor!”
George Wolchuk, Compliance Supervisor, Department of Finance

“This was a great session that left me feeling inspired, self-aware and connected with my fellow co-workers.”
Manitoba Prosecution Service

“Very confident and informative instructor!”
Joan Rose, Program Manager, Department of Justice

“You created lots of energy and helped us recognize our positives!”
Deb Nachtigall, Gray Academy of Jewish Education

“Enjoyed the positive energy; and appreciated getting to know each other.”
Kevin Rosen, Red River College

“The time flew past which really speaks to how compelling your presentation was; I really enjoyed your subject and your style.”
Heidi Crowley, Gray Academy of Jewish Education

“Very fun! I want to do it again!!”
Janice Manson, Red River College

“Well Done! Your energy was infectious!”
Norma Kirkby, Alzheimer Society of Manitoba

“The keynote made me realize that I am important and that I need to take the time to breathe and think positively all the time; thanks for bringing the confidence back to me.”
Janice Brigden, Gray Academy of Jewish Education