Abundance or Scarcity?

A colleague sent me an email the other day.? It was a ?thank you? note for my generosity.? This colleague had asked me to speak with one of her contacts who is planning to start a speaking, training and consulting business such as mine.? My colleague was impressed at how freely I shared my experience and provided tips to this new business owner; ?even though?, she said, ?this person might be in direct competition with you.?

I have reflected on that note ever since I received it.? I can honestly report that every opportunity, every positive experience, every good thing that has happened to me in my life and career, has occured when I came from a place of?abundance rather than?one of scarcity.? Each time the opposite has been true; when I have had problems, when I felt horrible about myself, and when good things were ?not so much? my?experience,?I was coming from a place of?scarcity.

So, how can we create a sense of ?abundance?.??I have a strategy I?d like to share with you.? I call it L.O.T.S.

Look at, focus on,?all?of the good things that have happened in your life.

Own your perspective.? Realize that you can choose to feel abundant and generous.

Take action.? Don?t over-analyze the pros and cons?just do it!

Share information, tips,?and resources with people around you.

L.O.T.S. will turn into M.O.R.E.;

Meaning: your generosity will create an enhanced sense of meaning for?you.

Opportunities: People will think of you when they have information to share.

Resources:?Your store of resources will be increasingly replenished and?grow.

Energy: Your positive emotion will be engaged!

Another paradox in life?the more you give away, the more you get!

Some workplaces practice scarcity; information is hoarded (almost as though the sharer risks losing it by sharing it), equipment is hidden, secrets are whispered.? Imagine how different it would be if everyone changed their perspective to one of abundance: Information is shared freely (believing that more shared creates more), equipment is available and accessible to whoever needs it, there are no secrets.

How does your workplace stack up? ?Does your team act ?abundant??

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