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How to Make it a NEW Year

The common greeting at this time of year is ‘Happy New Year’. It can be heard in every boardroom, hallway, and grocery store across the country. It seems to be like other common greetings – ‘How are you?’; ‘Have a good day!’ – just something we all say, but rarely think about (whether we are asking it or responding to it).

I was thinking about changing things up a bit. Instead of wishing you a Happy New Year – I am going to wish you a NEW year.

That’s exactly what you want, isn’t it? Something new. Something different. You might want it to be happy – or you might want it to be energizing, challenging, adventurous or mindful.?Perhaps if we remove the descriptive word, ‘happy’, and just leave ‘new’, we will all think a little more deeply about what we want to create in 2015.

I thought about this as our family was sharing our ‘Happy New Year’ greetings this year while overlooking the Bay in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The Bay was filled with beautifully decorated sail boats positioned to watch the fire works being launched from the coast.?Am I truly focused on what I want for the new year, I wondered? Are we simply going through the motions, using the ‘same old’ salutation without much consideration about what it means to each of us?

So, in honour of the Pacific Ocean and the sparkly sail boats still clear in my memory, here’s a little nautical formula to follow as you embark on your 2015 experience:

Navigate: Decide what you want for this year. What descriptive word resonates with you? Are you seeking energy, challenge, adventure, mindfulness – or are you seeking reflection, calm, peace, spunk, or glee? Choose the destination (pick the descriptive word – or words), as any great navigator does. Then think about the first three steps you can take to create that experience for yourself. Put them in your calendar.

Echo:Like a sonar device – pay attention to the signals you are receiving. Each time you get a positive signal that matches one of your descriptive words (that informs you that you are on the right path), notice it, and then send it back out to the universe to create a ripple effect (if you are seeking energy, and you notice you are experiencing it, do something to send energy back out). An echo works very much like the principle of reciprocity in relationships – you get more of what you give.

Weather: A ship that is easily sailed or manoeuvred is considered ‘weatherly’; it is strong and able to withstand high winds and storm conditions. Think about what you need to do so that you are able to weather the storms that will come your way this year. Obvious things include keeping yourself physically healthy. Add to that some less-than-obvious routines to keep yourself psychologically healthy – a practice of mindfulness, positive affirmations to begin your day, a visit to a coach or counsellor (or a really good friend) who can help you sort out the small things that come up, before they become more difficult to manage.

I am curious – how will you make 2015 a NEW year?

Deri Latimer is an expert in positive possibilities for people! She is one of fewer than 10% of speakers globally who hold the designation of CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), the international measure of excellence for professional competence, proven experience, and optimal client satisfaction. Deri combines a business degree in human resources management with 20 years of experience engaging audiences across every business sector. Deri provides inspiration and information to create psychologically healthy organizations for increased positivity, productivity, and prosperity!

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Linda Borbridge, Manager, Aboriginal Peoples Television Network
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Dr. Lewena Bayer, CEO, Civility Experts Inc.
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Joseph Bork, Program Director, St. Mary’s University
“I am usually the type to sit in the crowd, quietly take it all in, and take notes, notes that end up in a binder, often never to be seen once I return to work. Deri was engaging, fun and as real as they get. I was so moved by her session that I shocked myself by approaching her after the session to chat. During the session I didn’t need to take notes because her concepts hit home and stuck with me. I have already taken her advice and acted on her tips and tools to be more positive. Her positivity is contagious and her message is one that everyone should take time to listen to.”
Amy Normal, VP, Corporate Services, Said Business School, University of Oxford
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Vickie Maris, Host, Agile Digital Business
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Chantelle Arsenault, GBA, Great West Life Assurance Company of Canada
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Rob Chester, Director Information Security, Wawanesa Insurance
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Ashley Collette, Social Work Officer, Canadian Armed Forces
“I forgot to take notes because I was taking it all in and feeling change take hold…”
Derek Rumboldt-Delouche, Director, Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada
“That was fantastic! That was the most energized I have ever felt leaving a conference!!”
Barb Spurway, Principal Consultant, Protegra
“I cannot exaggerate how positively our Forum delegates reacted to your presentation. You set the perfect tone for the entire conference and left a lasting impression on our delegates and CPA staff alike.”
Sarah Marshall, President, Canadian Physiotherapy Association
“You changed people.”
Michelle Kletke, Human Resources Manager, TNG, Jim Pattison Group